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% less energy. >> reporter: it's a dramatic transformation for the former sexiest man alive. the transformation mcconaughey tells hitfix has not been easy. >> i don't want to be doing this interview at a pizza hut buffet. i choose to pick my places where there's less good smells. >> reporter: the six-foot-tall actor has dropped from 181 pounds down to just 143. that's nearly one-fourth of his total body weight. >> it's 90% diet. it's 90% amount and then what you're eating. right now, i'm not losing anymore weight if i burn 1,500 calories, and 2 hours of cardio an afternoon. or if i don't. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: what does matter to health experts is that mcconaughey's extreme weight loss could set a bad example for his fans. >> you're talking about someone who is starting, normal, to lose 20% of their body weight in a five to six-month period could be definitely -- could put them in medical jeopardy. >> reporter: mcconaughey says while he's eager to start beefing up as soon as possible, it may now be difficult. >> the stomach has shrunk, as well. as much as i can't w
york. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, sam. the energy has come up in the last hour or so. look who is standing next to me. chris isaak. he's going to be on the float we were on earlier. and behind us, one of the oldest floats, that turkey. for thanksgiving, what do you sing? >> a traditional thanksgiving song. "great balls of fire." >> it will be a very interesting macy's day parade. you're on tour right now, right? >> we're on tour. i flew in from cincinnati last night. i flew in on the phone. i said, mom, i'm going to be on the macy's parade. watch me. a long pause. and she goes, chris, do they know about this? she thinks i'm going to jump on the float or something. no. it's legitimate. >> we're looking forward to it, as are so many other people. 50 million people are watching. we're so looking forward to this beautiful day. we've had some good weather. >> 50 million and 37. i was counting. >> and 37. we have the numbers all down. right here from the best seat in the house. we'll head back over to sam. >> ginger, you said it best. the extreme team does parades, as well. let's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3